Finally a magazine from creators.

News / 04 December 2018

I feel very happy to announce that here in Cabrera Brothers we finally finish one of the most ambitious project of the year.
A free online magazine from creators to creators and lover of hobbies!
The free bundle!!!!

We have a lot of content for you, articles from movies, games, my first comic!, literature and even an entire audio book. And the best of all, free of charge.
 Why? Because we have that need like you of have a little corner on internet, far away of this crazy social media internet from today were you are ruled by likes, analytics and comments, a little corner were you can enjoy at your own time from quality content, special just for you. No banners or social media buttons flying around the page, here is just good quality content that we at Cabrera Brothers do for you.

All this year we worked hard to add this project to our busy schedule but we need it, because we have a lot of content to share and a lot of projects ahead and this magazine, is our happy place were we can publish our best creations.

I hope you enjoy this new project as we here enjoyed to do it and we have great and amazing ideas for the next issue.


First post testing last version of Art Rage (demo)

General / 04 June 2018

This my first post and I will try to be more here than in social networks, showing from time to time some behind the scenes, testing art software and everything we loved back in the days on a website or blog.

So today I found the demo version of ArtRage and I have to test it with all it new interface and I love it so far. I'm sorry for the quality of the image, you can't export in demo mode so I take a simple screenshot.
The oil brush smudge the colors very well and testing it on an old computers works like a charm. I think I will use it again for other tests and see if I can add this badboy to my daily workflow with Adobe Photoshop. I hope worth the try and maybe I pick a license if fits ok with my art :)

So here is my Venom quick test! Enjoy